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  1. What are Green Terminal UAB and Green Transport UAB?

-          Those are two companies located in Klaipėda City and operating in the area of logistics. You will find more detailed information on this webpage.

  1. We would like to buy frozen fish. Could you send us the price-list of products available in your coldstore?

-          No. Green Terminal UAB works with storing and ship’s agency, Green Transport UAB provides export, import and transit cargo forwarding services. We don‘t sell frozen products and while we stay out from cargo trade we can keep independent view for our clients. We love all our clients and cannot protect interests of one against another.

  1. There is our truck outside the port. Can you load it?

-          Yes, we can. But you have to understand that it will not happen immediately. Both the port and our company, we have our own works planning systems. Additionally, it is very possible that there are several trucks already waiting for loading. So, in order for the loading works to be performed smoothly and efficiently, send us the loading order for trucks at least one working day before. It will save you time, reduce your telephone expenses and will let us provide quality service. You can find the form of the loading order here or in the “Forwarding” section.

  1. We have 20 tons of herring in Klaipėda. Can you load it?

-          Yes, we can. But first of all we have to find out what we will load and where it is located. Only in the port area alone, which goes for like several tenths of kilometres and where several stevedoring companies operate, there are 4 coldstores, at least 3 more are in the city. Additionally, there are two container terminals. Therefore, you have to find out the following from the supplier:

a)      The type of the product, i.e. its name, size and marking;

b)      The transport, by which the cargo arrived to Klaipeda (name of vessel, truck number, container number) and the accompanying cargo documents (B/L number or CMR);

c)      The warehouse, in which the cargo is stored.

We agree, quite a lot of information. But it is necessary to find the cargo. By identifying our search, we will save a lot of your time and we guess you will only thank us afterwards.

  1. Someone from your company said that…

-          Every worker has a name, position and area of responsibility. In order to receive the right information and avoid misunderstandings, in the “Contacts” section you will find names, positions, phone numbers, postal addresses and thus a possibility to ask your question directly to the responsible person.

  1. We were told that we cannot collect our products, because there is no “Release”. “Release“ - what is it? 

-          “Release” is “Release order” – permission for loading. We may not give the cargo without a written confirmation. Therefore, when you buy cargo from a coldstore, ask the seller for the written confirmation that the cargo is actually yours. Sometimes, such confirmation can be necessary during direct loading from vessel in case the shipper is waiting for payment for the cargo. We don‘t need the confirmation of payment, we need only the written confirmation from the shipper that we can release the cargo.


  1. We want to release a cargo to our customer from your coldstore. How we do that?

-          It is very simple. Fax or e-mail us with the notification, stating the following:

a)      Name, size and marking of the products;

b)      The amount of the products, i.e. the boxes’ net and gross weight. If the products are weighed, state the number of trays, which must be released.

c)      The vehicle, by which the cargo was brought to the coldstore, the number of the cargo document (B/L, CMR) and the date of arrival.

d)     The date, from which the full responsibility is passed to the recipient (including the payment for the further storage of products).

It may seem that is a lot of information, but it is necessary in order for us to be able to identify and release the cargo.

Please, have in mind that in order to resell a cargo, there must be a customs warehouse, to which the cargo shall be transferred in order to be registered. Only the company, which is stated as the sender in the documents, may sell products from the usual transit warehouse.

  1. Our truck is in Klaipėda. Why no one takes care of it?

-          Klaipėda is quite a big city. There are a lot of trucks coming every day. And very often the driver does not know where he is heading for loading. The most popular version we hear from drivers goes something like: “I arrived to Klaipėda for loading from Norway and nobody lets me inside the port territory“. There are all necessary contacts in the loading order. After filling the loading order, you will know where the cargo is located. After receiving the loading order we will arrange for the entrance permission to the port of loading (there can be several loading locations). Please, provide the following information to the driver:

a)      The exact address of loading;

b)      The telephone number of the forwarder, operating in the port;

c)      The best way is to give the driver the copy of the loading order, stating all the necessary information;

d)     Upon arriving to the entrance to the port, where the loading works are going to be performed, the driver must bring the truck documents to the entrance permission bureau, where he will be given the permission to enter the port’s territory;

e)      Upon arriving to the coldstore, the driver must go to the forwarders and give them the documents;

f)       If there are any difficulties, the driver must call the forwarder, stated in the loading order.

  1. We bought a cargo. Where shall we get the cargo documents?

-          Cargos are sold accompanied by documents. We may not register a cargo without documents. Request the documents from the seller. If the seller has already sent the documents to Klaipėda, please, get the information to whom they were sent and where should we look for them in Klaipėda.

  1. We have no receiver of cargo. Could we import it on behalf of Green Terminal and export it afterwards?

-          Green Terminal UAB has no import license, the veterinary permission and different kinds of quotas. We can only store your cargo on your behalf.

  1. We want to arrive to Klaipėda and inspect our cargo. Can you arrange that?

-          We will help you. But you can see only your cargo, since we keep confidentiality of other customers. Send us your passport details for entrance permission into the port. You will collect the permission at the entrance permission bureau. You must have a passport or a driver‘s license to enter the port. After that you can visit the coldstore. Let us know the exact time of your visit to prepare your cargo, it can take time to move it from the chamber.

  1. We don’t know the weight/quality of the cargo. Can you check it?

-          Actually, we can’t, since we have to keep the neutral position. However, we can arrange an independent expert-surveyor for you. We can order such service for you. The specialist will identify the size, weight and quality of the products and provide to you the respective certificate. You should agree on the volume and price of services with such a specialist in advance.

  1. Green Terminal UAB and Green Transport UAB – are they one company?

-    No. They are two different officially registered companies. When you receive invoices, please draw attention to which company has issued them, since the bank accounts are also different. You will find all details about both companies in the “Contacts“ section.


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