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1. What are UAB Green Terminal and UAB Green Transport?

There are two companies located in city of Klaipeda working in logistic area. Full information you can find here.

2. We would like to buy frozen fish in Klaipeda. Could you send us your price-list of production in your coldstore?

No. UAB Green Terminal works with storing and ship’s agency, UAB Green Transport works with cargo forwarding. While we stay out from cargo trade we can keep independent view for our clients. We love all our clients and can not protect interests of one against another.

3. There is out truck outside port. Can you load it?

Yes, we can. But you have to understand that it will not happen immediately. Port and we have planning system for our human resources, also it very possible that there is several truck already waiting for loading. To make loading efficiently send us loading order for trucks at least one working day before. It will save you time, reduce your telephone expenses and will let us provide quality service. Loading order you can find here or on “Forwarding”.

4. We have 20 mt of herring in Klaipeda. Can you load it?

Yes, we can. But in beginning we have to find out what we will load and where it is located. Only in port area which divided into several stevedoring companies located 6 coldstores, and at least 3 in city and two container terminals. From supplier you have to find out :

a. Exact name of production, size, marks,

b. Transport, by which cargo arrived Klaipeda (name of vessel, truck number, container number)  and which cargo document followed cargo (B/L number or CMR)

c. In which store cargo placed.

Agree, quiet a lot of information. But it is necessary to find cargo. By identifying our search we will save a lot of time. I guess you will only thank us afterwards.

5. Someone from your worker said…

Every worker has name, position and area of responsibility. In “Contacts” you will find names, positions, telephones, post address and possibility to ask your question direct to responsible person. It will let you avoid wrong information.

6. We got reply that we can not receive our production because there is no “Release”. What is it - “Release”?

“Release” is “Release order” – permission for loading. We and other coldstore may have obligations against cargo shipper regarding non-releasing of cargo without written confirmation. Therefore, when you buy cargo from coldstore ask written confirmation from your supplier about your rights on cargo. Sometimes, such confirmation can be necessary during direct loading from vessel in case shipper awaiting payment for cargo. Confirmation about payment we do not need, we need only confirmation from shipper that we can release cargo.

7. We want to release cargo to our customer from your coldstore. How to do that?

It is very simple. You need to send us “Release order”. Detailed information you can find here or in “Coldstore/Release order”.

8. We want to load railway ref-section from your coldstore. Can we do it tomorrow?

Yes, you can. But most possible it will not happen tomorrow. We have no private railway ref-section; this is monopoly of railway system. And railway is very big structure because it serves very big distances. It is very big possibility that there is no necessary for you railway ref-section in Klaipeda and it must be delivered in best case from apposite part of Lithuania or most possible from Russia which is even far. System of railway ref-section order is restricted by minimum period of 5 working days. Therefore if you will order section as soon as possible you will have possibility to et it in time.

9. We have frozen fish in Norway. Can you deliver it?

We are working with service in Klaipeda. There is our main office in Bergen Norway in charge of cargo delivery by sea. Staff of main office has long year experience in sea transport. Possibility and price of transport depend on many factors – season, place of loading, terms of delivery etc. Let professionals do the job. We can supply you with all necessary contacts in Bergen or you can find them on official web resource of company

10. We have cargo from Norway/Iceland/Papua New Guinea on way to Klaipeda. Do you know time it arrives Klaipeda?

There are almost all main container lines, line operators and their agents represented in Klaipeda, additionally several local lines. Find out from shipper name of vessel, name of line and container number. If there is Green vessel we can supply you with necessary information, part of it you can find here or in “Agency”. If there is another line than Green you will need to contact line agent in Klaipeda directly.

11. My truck is in Klaipeda. Why no one takes care of it?

Klaipeda is quiet big city. There are a lot of trucks come every day. And very often driver do not knows where he going for loading. Most popular version from driver – I arrived Klaipeda for loading from Norwegians and nobody let me in. In loading order there are all necessary contacts. After sending loading order you will know where cargo located. After receiving of loading order we arranging entrance permission to port of loading (it could be several places of loading). Supply driver with full instruction:

a. give him exact address of loading,
b. supply him with all telephones of forwarders working in this port,
c. the best if you give him copy of loading order, where all necessary information already written,
d. driver arrives to entrance control post of loading port, with truck and personal documents we goes to entrance permission bureau to issue permission,
e. if he arrives Klasco port, with documents goes to 3 floor of Green coldstore to forwarders; if he arrives Smelte or Valikeda, he goes with documents to administrative building of Valikeda into door where written “Green Transport” and inform forwarders about arrival,
f. if there are any difficulties calls to forwarders named in loading order.

12. We bought cargo. Where should we get cargo documents?

Cargo sells with documents. Without documents we can not make cargo clearance. Require it from shipper. If he already sent it to Klaipeda find out which address it sent to.

13. We have no receiver of cargo. Could we import it on name of UAB Green Terminal and export it after?

UAB Green Terminal has no import license and veterinary permission and different kinds of quotas. We can store your cargo on your name.

14. We want to find partners, working through your system. How we can do that?

We created part “Our Partners” for this purposes. Hope in future it would be several contacts and useful links. If you leave us you contacts we will place it there.

15. We want visit Klaipeda and look into our cargo. Can you arrange it?

We will help you. But only your cargo, keeping confidentiality of other customers. Send us you passport details for entrance permission into port. You should have passport or driver license to enter port. After that you can visit coldstore. Let us know exact time of your visit to prepare your cargo, it can take time to move it from chamber.

16. We do not know quality / weight of cargo arrived. Can you check it?

Personally we can not. We have to keep independent point of view between our customers. But can agree with shipper use of independent expert – surveyor. On behalf of you company we can order such service. Expert will determine size, quality and weight of production and will issue correspondent certificate. Price of service you can agree with surveyor before inspection.

17. Klaipeda, where is it?

Klaipeda is city in Lithuania. Lithuania is country in north-east part of European Union, and has very long and exiting history. Klaipeda located in Baltic Sea side. Detailed information about city you can find on official web resource

18. How to reach Klaipeda?

You can reach Klaipeda by ferry from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, by train, by car and by airplane. Everything depends where you are coming from. Nearest international airport located 25 km from Klaipeda in Palanga. But biggest part of departures and arrivals there are in Vilnius. In this case note that there are 300 km from Vilnius to Klaipeda. The highway from Vilnius is of good quality, but anyway there is additional time in travel and extra expenses.

19. UAB Green Terminal and UAB Green Transport – are they one company?

No. They are two different officially registered companies. When you receiving invoices for service note who issued them, because bank accounts also different. All details and full stiles you can find in “Contacts”

20. We like you web resource. Is it good?

It is very good. That means our job and time used properly, and we saved huge amount of your and our time. Hope that work with us would be pleasant also.   

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