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Green Terminal UAB was incorporated on 15 September 1997 in Klaipėda as a subsidiary of Green Reefers. At the beginning of its activities Green Terminal UAB was engaged in storage of products brought by the vessels of Green Reefers. Later on, a division of agents servicing the vessels of Green Reefers was launched.


In 1998, Green Terminal UAB incorporated its subsidiary Green Transport UAB, whose principal activities were to handle and ship cargo brought to the Port of Klaipėda by vessels, containers, etc., as well as customs agency services. The customers were provided the possibility to handle cargo brought by different means of transport and forward them ensuring door-to-door service. Thus we can offer our customers the full range of logistics services.


Our companies have long-time experience in working with different types of products, such as frozen fish, meat and poultry products, fruit and other different cargos.


In order to perform their works in the most efficient way, the staff is located in three offices situated in three different parts of the city. The central office, i.e. administration office, accommodating the management, agents and bookkeeping division of Green Terminal UAB, is located at the address: Šilutės pl. 9 near the coldstore of Ketonas UAB. The second office is located in Janonio g. close to Klasco. The team takes care of registration of documents of the cargos brought to the territory of Klasco and customs warehouse of Ketonas. The third office is located within the territory of Smeltė. The personnel are responsible for registration of cargo brought to Smeltė.


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