Release orders


Release order system was created for our client’s convenience. It has two directions: 

  • when cargo arrives Klaipeda and already has receiver. But shipper has reason to detain cargo due to absence of payment or by any other reasons. In this case we will need instruction from shipper to stop cargo before vessel's arrival.
  • when cargo arrives Klaipeda and has no definite receiver, in cargo documents it is stated – receiver: To Order. 
The system is simple. In both cases cargo would not be dispatched to receiver until order from shipper. In both cases we will need written confirmation from shipper to give cargo to receiver – “Release order”, with following information (if known): 
  1. Release order number.
  2. Name of vessel (or other transport) cargo arrived with.
  3. Date of vessel’s arrival to Klaipeda.
  4. Bill of Lading (or other transport documents) number by which cargo arrived to Klaipeda.
  5. Name of company, giving order for releasing.
  6. Name of company, getting order for release.
  7. Name of production.
  8. Marks, size or other special features identifying cargo lot.
  9. Quantity of production.
  10. Name of company, which should take over responsibility for expenses for cargo storage and from which date.

All this please send by e-mail or by fax + 370 46 492886 



So much information, so many details. Is it really necessary?


Agree, but this is not our fancy and not wish to give you extra work. We love our customers. And want to simplify your work. Every question had long history and need. Now one by one:

  1. Sometimes during day come few similar “releases”. To avoid mistakes it is better to identify every “release”.
  2. In Green Reefers company there are more than 30 vessels, and most of them calling Klaipeda. Additionally, in our storage system every cargo lot belongs to name of vessel it arrived with, date of vessel’s arrival and number of cargo document.
  3. Only vessel Green Bergen arrived Klaipeda in year 2010 13 times, Green Ice 11 times, Green Tromso 11 times. Dates of arrival and actual discharge locations you can find in issue “Agency”, the place where cargo discharged can find there also.
  4. Each vessel has approximately 15 – 40 cargo lots by different Bill of Ladings.
  5. Some of the companies work under several trade marks. Name of company gives us information who is releasing the cargo.
  6. Rather important information – which company receives cargo under responsibility. Additionally you can write name and contact information with representatives.
  7. As exact as possible information about cargo description with type of producing etc (for example: herring 300+; herring flaps 6/10; silver smelt h/off 200-400; salmon 6-7 h/g ord.)
  8. Marks could be very important for cargo lots, containing several smaller parties. With help of marks it can be found specific characteristics of cargo or producer.
  9. Quantity of cargo contains 3 characteristics: number of boxes, weight netto and weight gross. For cargo with non-fixed weight, like salmon and ”white fish”, it could be important to have pallet list of even box list, intended for release.
  10. Sometimes shipper agrees to pay storage after date of “release order”, sometimes only during restricted period, but sometimes all expenses should be on receiver account. This is relationship between you and your customer, and we can not know all details, if you will not inform us. If we will have no information we will issue invoice for storage wrong. And you would be disappointed. And we all have to return to question which already forgotten, trying to remind in memory and correspondence all details. If no instructions we consider storage for receiver next day after release date.


Before releasing of cargo please find copy of cargo document. If you are owner of cargo you should have it as property confirmation. In such documents like for example in Bill of Lading, item 2, 4, 7, 8 and 9 are named. Those information create most confusion. If there is difficulties to find date of vessel’s arrival to Klaipeda, you can write date of cargo document issue. But please make remark about that. Today in stocks we have more than 150 cargo lots. During year arrives more than 1500 lots. If you will give us exact information you and we save a lot of time.    

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